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ekseption is a professional skincare brand available in more than 45 countries. ekseption products have been designed to optimise the skin pH for an optimal skin renewal. The products are based on organic acids in synergy with powerful active ingredients. Each product is unique and helps restore healthy and glowing skin.
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Optimize the skin pH with organic acids for an optimal skin renewal


Formulation technology & specificities

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    Organic acid based peelings

    Instead of applying TCA or Phenol peels that can seriously damage the skin, our approach is based only on blends of natural organic acids. The peelings can be applied a single time or consecutively to reach deeper skin layers. When peelings are cumulated with a specific downtime, more skin layers can be exfoliated, in a safe way, avoiding side effects and discomfort.

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    Combining specific at-home skin care with powerful in-office peelings

    Our treatment programs are based on different steps: activation, peeling, repair and remodelling. For each step, our skincare is designed to optimize the results of the peeling. The active ingredients protect from UV radiations and free radicals, reduce pigmentation, normalize the skin pH and control cellular renewal.

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    Based on PHA

    Our peels are mainly using a new generation of acids instead of AHA. PHA (polyhydroxyacids) are less irritating, they provide comfort at application (no burning sensation) and better results.

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    The first active peels combining acids, hyaluronic acid and peptides

    The hyaluronic acid provides our peelings a gel texture for an easier application, a more controlled peel and a high moisturizing effect. The peptides are infused into the skin together with the acids to reduce wrinkles, ageing and pigmentation.

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    Maximum safety and results all along the year

    The acids we use are non-photosensitizing. Our peels can be used all along the year if they are combined with our all day shield and skin care. The peelings are highly concentrated in acids with a pH between 2 to 3.5 to cover all skin types and indications. ekseption peels are the safest and show a very limited risk of hyperpigmentation.

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    State of the art formulations

    Our peelings are not containing preservative, ammonium hydroxide, tromethamine or other harmful buffers. The pH is stabilized with sodium lactate, a component of the natural moisturizing factor with keratolytic functions.

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    Alcohol free peels

    All our peelings are free of alcohol for a maximum comfort at application, a slow dry and a gradual skin penetration.

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    Skin delivery system

    Most of our peelings include a novel skin delivery technology dmks that controls the diffusion speed of acids into the skin.

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    Low surface tension

    Our peelings have a low surface tension with the skin for an even application and peel. The solution is in perfect contact with the skin compare to conventional peels.

Skin resurfacing with your therapist

A program with important steps to reach the best results


Set-up objectives of the program

Depending on your skin type and your indications, the therapist will recommend a type of peeling and products to use before and after each treatment.

Activation (7 to 14 days)

With an activator, the skin is prepared for the application of a peeling: reducing the superficial pH around 4.5, micro-exfoliating superficial dead cells and reducing the activity of melanocytes.




Skin is protected from solar radiations and free radicals with a specifically designed SPF with a low pH during all the activation period.


The first peeling with the therapist is conservative to see how the skin reacts to the product during application and the first repair period.



Repair (7 days)

In the morning our SPF to protect the skin from UV. At night, a repair cream is applied to control the cellular renewal and avoid potential redness.

Consecutive peelings

The therapist can perform more peelings as required to gradually reach deeper skin layers in a safe and controlled process.



Remodeling (7 to 14 days)

After the last peeling the remodeling consists in protecting the skin from UV with our SPF and apply at night a repair cream till the skin is fully regenerated.

Skincare regimen

The therapist will recommend you ekseption skincare products to use as maintenance. Using our products will help you to keep your skin healthy with an optimized pH.


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