All-in-one cleanse & peel

Active skin cleansing
400 ML / 13.5 FL.OZ.E

A new concept of cleansing and make-up removal with polyhydroxyacids. Nourishing, moisturising and anti-ageing it is formulated for all skin types. This new generation of cleanser with polyhydroxyacids performs the cleansing and a daily micro-peeling at the same time preserving the acidic pH balance of the skin. It can be use on face, eyes and lips. Conventional cleansers and soaps have most often a very alkaline pH. They produce a strong pH increase of the natural skin acid mantle for various hours. During this interval of time the enzymatic activity is perturbed, undesired bacteria can proliferate and perturb the micro-flore balance causing impure skin.


- Gluconolactone
- Sodium lactate

- Removes all types of make-up on face, eyes and lips contours.
- Nourishes and moisturises.
- Removes dead cells and impurities.
- Restores an optimum skin pH.
- Anti-ageing and wrinkles.

We attach great importance to the texture and comfort of a formulation, focusing on how it feels, and making a link between sensoriality and functionality. Our cleanser has unexpected sensoriality, bright, creamy and rich appearance, evanescent feel (light & thin). The emulsion offer ultra-soft touch and easy spreading on the skin which is an essential requirement for a cleanser. These characteristics can be attributed to the very fine and homogeneous dispersion of the oil droplets, with an average size in the range of one micron. The extreme fineness of emulsion is our key factor to remove efficiently all types of make-up on the face the eyes or the lips without any detergent or soap in the formula. Our deep cleanser offers excellent tolerance profile on skin and mucous membranes and does not sting the eyes or the skin.

Apply daily on the whole face and neck. For optimal cleansing combine with the monsoon mist.

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