Body resurfacing micro peel & milk

Resurfacing skincare
400 ML / 13.5 FL.OZ.E

A new way to consider body moisturising with this new treatment. Not only the skin on the face needs exfoliation to fight against the signs of ageing. The skin on the body is also showing laxity and blemishes with time on top of dryness. This product combines a micro-peel and a rich milk.

Gluconolactone produces a gentle exfoliation day after day while tranexamic acid reduces blemishes and even the skin tone. Sodium lactate and Galicare bring moisture and nutrition. After few days of use the skin feels softer and deeply moisturised.


- Gluconolactone
- Tranexamic acid
- Sodium lactate
- Galicare (Ecocert lactic acid ester)

- Nourishing and moisturising.
- Skin firming.
- Restores a high skin hydration.
- Reveals a smooth skin texture after few applications.
- Reduces the appearance of skin discoloration and blemishes.
- Formulated in an exclusive liquid texture to increase the penetration into the skin

A bi-fasic formula consisting of a micro-peel in the bottom phase and a nutritive emulsion in the upper phase. The product has to be shake to mix both phases before application. A new type of product that combines 2 products in the same container. This allows the customer to save time and apply 2 products at one time. Each product remains visible and identifiable in the bottle.

The product is easy to use, shake the bottle to mix the 2 phases and spray over the body every day after shower. Finish by massaging the product till absorbed.

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