Degreasing solution

Pre peeling
400 ML / 13.5 FL.OZ.E

Prior to apply peeling solutions it is important to deeply cleanse and remove the superficial fats. The degreasing solution is a gentle lotion to remove excess of fat and prepare the skin for peeling application. It contains lactic acid, sodium lactate and alcohol. The best combination to prepare the skin before our peelings.

All the excess of fat is gently remove while the skin is highly moisturised. Prior to peels it is important to increase the skin moisture (water content) and to remove fat. This will highly improve the penetration of acids into the epidermis and provide a more intense, even and effective peeling.


- Lactic acid
- Sodium lactate

- Removes this excess of sebum on the skin before peelings.
- Increases the epidermis water content to facilitate the penetration of acids.
- Removes dead cells and impurities

Liquid lotion with alcohol to efficiently remove fat residues on the skin.

Apply with a cotton pad on a dry face and neck prior to water based peelings.

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