Hyaluronic carboxy neutralizer

Post peeling
400 ML / 13.5 FL.OZ.E

Alkaline gel with sodium bicarbonate and hyaluronic acid to neutralise AHA and PHA peels. Most of peelings require to be neutralized, even if most of the acids are neutralized by the skin proteins, there is always an excess of free acids.

The neutralization avoids the peeling to penetrate too deep in the epidermis. We created a gel carboxy neutralizer containing sodium bicarbonate that can be easily applied over the face to stop the action of acids. At the contact of the free acids the chemical reaction with sodium bicarbonate release CO2 into the skin and the organism respond by an intense skin oxygenation called the «bohr effect». When the CO2 concentration in the skin increase, the haemoglobin proteins release their load of oxygen making it bio-available for cells. The hyaluronic carboxy neutralizer allow to have a prolonged carboxy effect.


- Hyaluronic acid
- Sodium bicarbonate

- Neutralises free acid after peelings.
- Increases the skin oxygenation by carboxy therapy effect.


Gel to allow a slower and more progressive neutralization of peelings. The gel layer formed on the skin allow to increase the epidermis saturation in CO2 to create a stronger oxygenation response compared to the liquid neutralizer.

Protect the eyes and apply the neutralizer directly on the skin. After 1 minutes the face is washed off with large amount of cold water. Do not wash off the neutralizer with warm or hot water to avoid skin irritation caused by chemical reaction of the substances at high temperature. The face should be then gently dried with a towel.

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