Hydration sparkle

50 ML / 1.7 FL.OZ.E

Water-in-oil and long lasting moisturiser with lactic acid and sodium lactate. An exclusive "water-drop" formulation with extreme light and refreshing texture.

It reduces immediately fine lines and plump-up the skin. Designed for all skin types, the hydration sparkle is an incredible formulation. Once applied on the skin the cream release high amount of essential water to deeply refresh and moisture the skin. Lactic acid and sodium lactate are components of the natural moisturising factor and highly effective in promoting skin renew, exfoliation and normalizing the skin pH.

Despite the ultra-light and refreshing texture the skin is highly protected after application by a rich and velvet film.


- Lactic acid
- Sodium lactate

- Moisturiser with lactic acid.
- Restores the skin pH gradient.
- Activates exfoliating enzymes.
- Increases the skin radiance.
- Water-in-oil nourishing formula.
- Restores a high skin hydration.
- Reduces roughness.
- Oily & combination skin types.

A water-in-oil cream based on Japanese technology. The cream has a matt aspect and consist in a very high quantity of water dispersed in ultra fine drops in an oil phase. The result is a cream that breaks at the contact of the skin releasing water drops. The water drops provide a unique refreshing sensation at application, nevertheless after application the skin feels nourish. This is due to the external phase that is composed of oil and that creates a lipid protective film on the skin.

Once or twice daily, apply on the face, neck and chest.

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