Skincare blender

mixlab devices
1 pcs

Mixlab skin care blender is the first developed device in the beauty industry to effectively mix skin care products to prepare personalized skin care and on the go products for professional beauty treatments. The device is very ergonomic and user friendly. The container is graduate for a precise dosage of each product used to compose the personalized formulation. The blender can also be used to pre-mix the hyaluronic mixmask in water.

Key features
- Container with dosage indication.
- Turbo-mix agitator as the one used in laboratory.
- Effective blending.
- Fine dispersion.

Technical informations
- Available in 110 & 220 V.
- CE certified.


1. Put the ingredients in the container following the desired quantities. Do not put more liquid than 60 ml.
2. Put the axis in the cup.
3. Plug in the appliance and press and hold the button on the handle for 1 to 3 minutes.
4. Unplug the appliance, remove the axis from the cup and transfer the liquid in a container.
5. Do not take out the axis from the cup while is still running. Wait the axis to stop completely before taking it out.

Please read carefully the instruction manual before use.

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