Squalane RETINOL

mixlab serum
75 ML / 2.53 FL.OZ.E

An active serum to nourish, reduce ageing and photo-ageing with 20% vegan squalane and 0,3% of retinol. The serum can be use pure as treatment against wrinkles and pigmentation or mixed with other serum to prepare a more specific and personalised product.

The formulation is one of the most skin and eco-friendly. All ingredients in the product are issued from renewable source and the product is packed in a simple and 75 ml bottle to reduce wastes. An ecological and responsible skin care that is not making compromise on results. This is as close as you can get, in terms of respect of the environment and skin friendly.

Vegan squalane is a fantastic humectant that closely matches skin’s natural squalene, providing excellent moisture and ingredient penetration. Squalene is not a stable ingredient and can be heavy and pore clogging. Squalane has hydrogen added to the molecule form which allows it to be lighter and not clog pores. Olive Squalane is a clear, odorless, natural emollient that helps to smooth the skin and retain its moisture. Olive Squalane is very light, and easily absorbed into the skin. Due to its easy absorbability, it is an excellent carrier for other ingredients like retinol.

Retinol treatment is ideal for wrinkles and sun-damaged skin. The retinol is stabilized in our serum due to a 100% oil formulation to preserve the effectiveness of the product over time. In this formulation we are using the pure and most active form of retinol. Derivatives of retinol as retinyl palmitate that can be found in other skin care products have a very low efficiency compare to the pure alcohol form but are more stable and easy to incorporate in formulations.

The serum can be mixed with other mixlab serums to create a personalized formulation with additional benefits. When preparing a serum with squalane based serums the proportion of squalane serums must be less than half. Squalane serums are not recommended to be added in hyaluronic mix-mask due to their oily composition.


- Olive oil squalane (20%).
- Retinol (0,3%).
- Vitamin E (0,5%).

- Skin lifting.
- Reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
- Reduce free radicals.
- Prevent photo-ageing.
- Reduce pigmentation and brown spots.
- Nourish.

Mixlab serum formulation is one of the most natural and skin friendly you can find on the market as it is reduced to only active ingredients.

The formulation is a oil-based that immediately emulsify with hyaluronic acid based serums to form an oil-in-water micro emulsion. The touch is soft and non-greasy unlike most beauty oils. The serum feels rich and nutritive.

Due to its 100% oily composition no preservative is required, we only added vitamin E to preserve the oils and the retinol from oxidation.

Apply a few drops of serum once daily after cleansing, toning, and exfoliating. At night, layer with other treatment products as needed; during the day use a sunscreen.

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