Urban D pollution mask

Resurfacing skincare
100 ML / 3.38 FL.OZ.E

A light textured mask with phytic acid and natural extracts. Urban D-pollution mask is a novel generation of skin care that targets the decontamination of the skin due to environmental conditions.

The active ingredients protect and detox the skin cells against all types of atmospheric pollution (tobacco, harmful gases, heavy metals). The effectiveness is based on phenolic acids contained in the ivy and sunflower extracts associated to phytic acid from rice bran, providing a global anti-pollution activity.


- Phytic acid
- Natural extracts

- Free radical protection.
- Protection against all types of atmospheric pollution

Highly sensory & delightful texture with unique signature: light and soft skin feel with an amazing cool blow. The mask is based on phospholipids, skin-identical molecules, that brings active properties to the skin (hydration, restructuring, soothing, etc.) and acts as a powerful delivery system which boosts penetration and bio-availability of active ingredients to get faster and better results.

Phospholipids are skin-identical molecules as they are essential constituents of the cell membranes of all living organisms that provide unique technological and physiological properties. In a topical application, phospholipids present a particular affinity to the skin with a strong bio-compatibility and bio mimetism for an optimal tolerance.

The unique composition of this mask provides a specific gelified network that brings an intense cooling effect by water evaporation. Formulation immediately lowers the skin temperature with an effect lasting up to 20 minutes.

At night once to twice per week, apply a layer over the face, neck and chest with a brush. Avoid the eye contours. Leave on for 10 minutes. Rinse with water and apply a serum or a cream.

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