White-up+ peptide peel

Professional peeling
70 ML / 3.38 FL.OZ.E

Superficial peeling to treat photo-ageing, and pigmentation. This professional treatment combines different acids (AHA, AAHA & PHA) with a high concentration of peptides. It includes our exclusive dmks delivery system: maximum comfort at application, high delivery of free acid, lowest skin irritation & redness.

The treatment creates a pH shock that activates the skin renew functions in dermis and epidermis. It also targets specifically the melanocytes. The acids in the formula have a high molecular weight to limit their penetration further than the epidermis and target specifically the basal layer.

The skin-whitening effect is achieved through removal of the horned layer (skin becomes smoother & lighter), the action of tranexamic acid and the peptides on melanogenesis. Just one application can bleach pigmented spots and reduce redness. Besides the bleaching effect, tranexamic acid also reduces the translucent reddish colour of the superficial blood vessels. The result is an even complexion.


- Phytic acid
- Mandelic acid
- Gluconolactone
- Lactobionic acid
- Tranexamic acid
- Sodium lactate
- Whitening peptide

- Photo-ageing (skin aging caused by excessive UV-radiation).
- Reduces skin pigmentation.
- Pigmentation disorders.
- Restores the skin pH gradient.
- Activates exfoliating enzymes.

Aqueous solution.

Professional use only.

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