ekseption helps to create target and highly effective treatments for each skin type.

Ekseption skin care launches mixlab a revolutionary concept to prepare high-end personalized serums and masks in medical clinics and beauty salons.


Barcelona, October 28, 2021 - ekseption brand from HB aesthetics group located in Spain has developed and create a great concept for medical and beauty professionals. We highlight products that are truly innovative and first of their kind and the first professional devices to mix skincare products in beauty salons.

The concept is based on highly concentrated serums with a very natural formulation. Each serum contains a base of hyaluronic acid or olive oil squalane with an active ingredient in very high concentration.

Each serum can be used directly and neat to meet a specific indication, or it is possible to mix the serums to meet several indications with the same product. To perfectly mix the serums, ekseption has created a skincare blender, ultra-efficient and fast with a dosing bottle to make precise formulas.

After a brief consultation with the therapist, a consultation card is completed with the formula of your personalized serum! The dosage of each serum is indicated, and the product is prepared and conditionate in a re-usable premium bottle.

In the cabin the professional can create on the spot freshly prepared hyaluronic mask with another device called the mask blender. Spring water of your choice is added in the blender together with a 100% natural powder composed of different gellers and hyaluronic acid. At the end of the process the therapist adds few drops of your personalized serum and poor the gel in a mold. After few minutes the result is an incredible and 100% natural face mask the first of its kind.

Launched in February 2020, ekseption is an adaptable solution that targets all skin concerns and delivers true results. It is a custom treatment made specifically for each patient’s unique skin by a dermatologist or a certified beauty therapist. ekseption can adjust the concentration of each ingredient based on the patient's skincare needs and modify formulas to cater to their skin's unique trajectory. Each formula is customized to ensure that it is gentle with their skin while helping them get to their ideal level of potency. 

In January 2022 ekseption will expand the serum range with 4 serums (B5, Flavonoides, Retinol and vitamin F). Two of these serums have a vegan squalane base and allow you to create serums with a creamy texture for added nutrition. It will be perfect for dry and mature skin.

Ekseption personalized serums are available only true certified retailers at a price between 70 to 100 euros depending on your formula. More information at www.ekseption.org.


ekseption is a professional skincare brand available in more than 45 countries. The products have been designed to restore natural pH and optimize skin renewal. Formulations are based on organic acids in synergy with other powerful active ingredients. Each product is truly unique: optimal pH, innovative texture, visible results, and total safety. 

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