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Professionals: the fist step

We’re thrilled that you’re considering using and retailing ekseption skincare in your clinic. We are on a journey with professionals in delivering healthy skin. Because you decided that less than the best just wasn't your style.

Welcome to ekseption

ekseption was created by Raphael Duerinck, a biochemist who built the brand with the intention of delivering not less than the best. We focus on creating treatments that will open you the doors of unique facials. Since our launch, we have grown exponentially and ekseption is now in more than 10.000 clinics in over 44 countries. ekseption is an easy choice for your clinic and we offer superior support and training for our valued business partners.

Why work with ekseption?

What’s the use in taking up shelf space with products that are sold every where on-line without professional support? You want to deliver expertise and results, that ekseption truly offers you. Products and professional treatments are profitable for clinics in many ways:

Offering an exclusive professional and retail product range.
Reasonable cost for excellent products.
Excellent training materials and workshops.
Beautiful marketing materials and promotions.
But most importantly for your business: amazing results guarantee customer loyalty.

Training & Education

Our state-of-the-art training facility in Spain is our global hub for education and training.

At ekseption, we deliver in-market training, as well as an extensive programme of webinars covering various ingredients, skincare technology and treatments protocols. Practical training takes place with your national distributor combining a mixture of theoretical and practical education.

Training and education is the key of success. Our team of trainers and R&D specialists travel the world to deliver knowledges about our products, the skin and skincare chemistry in general to thousands of business owners and distributors. Our distributors are highly skilled, but you can easily communicate directly with our team for specific questions. We really ensure the type and level of education delivered : from us to distributors to therapists. Initial training is given followed by a programme of continuous learning “refreshers” to ensure trainers are following the latest techniques.

What do I have to do?

Contact us and we will provide you the details of the official distributor in your country. They will be glad to assist you about our unique products.
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