professional chemical peels

couperix peptide peel

70 ml


Superficial peel to treat couperosis and skin redness.


This professional treatment combines different acids (AHA, BHA & PHA) with a high concentration of peptides and natural extracts. It includes our exclusive dmks delivery system: maximum comfort at application, high delivery of free acid, lowest skin irritation & redness.
The treatment creates a pH shock that activates the skin renew functions in dermis and epidermis. It also targets specifically the skin redness and to restore a healthy skin micro-flore.
Telangyn peptide fights the undesired effects caused by inflammation such as skin redness and dilated blood vessels, tissue degradation as well as post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation and dull skin.
The organic multiple-herbal preparation is composed of several plant extracts including Licorice, Artemisia montana, Gingko biloba, Centella asiatica, Blueberry and Rosa canina oil. It has multiple functions such as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and skin soothing.

User indications


  • Couperosis.
  • Redness.
  • Rosacea.
  • Restores the skin pH gradient.
  • Activates exfoliating enzymes.
  • Increases the skin radiance


Active ingredients


  • Caviar extract
  • Anti-wrinkles lipo-peptides
  • Gluconolactone
  • Lactobionic acid
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Sodium lactate


Peeling classification


Very superficial.

The depth of a peel depends on multiple factors, such as having knowledge on the substance to be used, the characteristics of the skin (phototype, thickness, ethnic inheritance, hypersensibility…), the formulation of each substance (concentration, pH…), the contact time and coats applied.



Water based gel: the depth of the peel is related to the quantity applied by layers.

How to use


Refer to our educational manual.