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ice cream lift

jar 50 ml


Rich lifting cream with an ice cream texture to apply at night. The cream can be stored in the fridge.

For a more intensive cooling sensation the cream can be stored in the fridge. The cream must always be stored at a temperature below 25 degree. This new formulation under the form of an ice cream was developed to enhance the effect of the active ingredients producing an intense cooling sensation and leaving a rich protective film over the skin.

The cream is rich in peptides and growth factor to reduce wrinkles and skin sagging. An intensive treatment for dry and mature skin types.

User indications


  • Designed to lift the skin
  • Improves the skin firmness and reduces wrinkles.
  • Ultra nourishing for dry skin types.


Active ingredients


  • Juveleven peptide
  • 2 anti-wrinkles lipo-peptides
  • Bio-placenta (5 Growth factors, folic acid, acetyl glutamine)


How to use


  • Apply at night to the face, neck and chest. The cream can be stored in the fridge for a more intensive cooling sensation.


3 Peptides
Peptides that stimulate production of extracellular matrix components (matrikines). They are formed by enzymatic hydrolysis of structural components of dermal matrix, i.e. the proteins like collagen, elastin, and fibronectin.

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The matrikines transmit signals to fibroblasts, which start producing new components of the matrix to substitute the destroyed ones. (Palmitoyl Tripeptide-1, Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7).
Juveleven peptide protects DNA from damage, stimulates the natural repair pathways and reverts senescence in fibroblast. Hexapeptide mimics the activity of FOXO3a which is involved in cellular repair, renewal and longevity. (Acetyl hexapeptide-51 amide)


Components of BIO-Placenta are like Human Placenta which is based on ‘Placental Pharmacology’ Components are safely synthesized by fermentation.

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Growth factors: EGF, BFGF, AFGF, VEGF, IGF-1
Vitamin: Folic acid
Amino acid: acetyl glutamine

The active ingredients are working in synergy on the skin for:

Wound healing: the migration ability of keratynocytes is improved

Stimulation of cell growth: BIO-Placenta is more effective than commercial human placenta product in stimulation of cell growth

Biosyntehsis of collagen: BIO-Placenta stimulates pro-collagen type 1 biosynthesis of fibroblasts

Skin elasticity can be improved by 32% in 2 weeks and 47% in 4 weeks
Skin moisture can be increased by 83% after application, 50% in 2 weeks and 64% in 4 weeks.