physicians chemical peels

lacto peel

70 ml


Mid-superficial restructuring peel for acne scars and skin roughness. A professional chemical peel with high content of lactic acid and sodium lactate for a buffered pH.
Lactic acid is naturally found in the skin as part of a metabolic process and helps maintain the pH of the acid mantle between 4.5 and 5.5. It exerts a natural moisturising effect on the skin by attracting water molecules to the stratum cornea and stimulates the synthesis of ceramides, improving and modulating the barrier function. It is known as a skin-lightening agent, as it induces homogeneous melanin dispersion.
Furthermore, it has antioxidant effects and inhibits the action of tyrosinase, an enzyme that participates in the first stages of melanogenesis. But the best indication of lacto peel is to restore an even skin structure and surface. It can be helpful to reduce the appearance of scars and to reduce hyperkeratosis.

User indications


  • Designed to restore the natural skin pH gradient.
  • Activate exfoliating enzymes to renew the skin gradually.
  • Increase the overall skin radiance.
  • Restore a high skin moisture.
  • Improves the skin radiance.


Active ingredients


  • Lactic acid
  • Sodium lactate


Peeling classification



The depth of a peel depends on multiple factors, such as having knowledge on the substance to be used, the characteristics of the skin (phototype, thickness, ethnic inheritance, hypersensibility…), the formulation of each substance (concentration, pH…), the contact time and coats applied.



Water based solution: the depth of the peel is related to the quantity applied by layers.


How to use


Refer to our educational manual.