resurfacing skin care

pure skin activator

airless 30 ml


This night activator is formulated to reduce the skin pH gradually, simultaneously exfoliate, replenish moisture and reduce imperfections for a smooth, radiant complexion.

It is used to prepare the skin before peels.
Pure skin activator is a very light and silky oil in water emulsion for oily skin types. It combines 2 types of acids with natural active ingredients to purify, reduce impurities, acne and rosacea.
It can be used as a single intensive treatment or to prepare the skin for peels. The product is highly effective in promoting skin renew, exfoliation, reducing acne, rosacea and to reduce the skin pH. It must be combined with the all-day shield in the morning.



  • Skin conditioning for peels.
  • Reduce skin oiliness.
  • Restore the natural skin pH gradient.
  • Activate exfoliating enzymes.
  • Restore a high skin hydration.
  • Rosacea & acne.
  • Reveal a smooth skin texture after few applications.


Active ingredients


  • Salicylic acid
  • Gluconolactone
  • Tea tree essential oil
  • Lime essential oil
  • Natural extracts


How to use


  • As single treatment: use the product at night for 5 to 6 weeks in combination with the all-day shield.
  • As a combined treatment with peels, use at night during 2-3 weeks in combination with the all-day shield before the first treatment.



1. Restoring pH balance: The interaction of pha with skin begins once applied, affecting the acid mantle. The enzyme activity depends on the pH gradient that may be disrupted by hostile environment, make-up, skin care or pathologies. The gentle influence of pha helps to achieve proper pH level and a proper skin renewal process.

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2. Gradual skin penetration: pha have considerable molecular mass and consists of relatively big molecules. As a result, they penetrate skin gradually, layer by layer. Dead skin cells are removed gently, causing no skin irritation. The acids lighten skin, making blemishes less visible.
3. Deep moisturising: The ability of gluconolactone to transfer water molecules plays also a central role in skin moisturising. Getting in the granular layer of skin, water causes calcium ions concentration decline sending signal to the body to stimulate lipid synthesis in keratinocytes.

Salicylic acid

Contributes to better epidermal structure, improves the skin texture and complexion. The use of it provides material improvement of the skin condition without intervention of rejuvenation procedures. The salicylic acid has a strong antiseptic effect and evident cleansing properties as well. It normalizes the sebaceous glands functioning and results in pores’ contraction. Another advantage is its effective compatibility with acids. The salicylic acid is effective in combating blackheads and acne especially when used with a mechanical (manual) face cleansing procedures.

Tea tree essential oil

Pure Organic Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca alternifolia) made from the leaves and twigs of the native Australian tree. Fragrance Odour: Characteristic herbal scent. It possesses anti-fungal, antibacterial and antimicrobial benefits. Soothes the skin and reduces inflammation.