Urban D pollution blend

Souce: Natural

Urban D-pollution blend is used for the protection of cutaneous cells against cytotoxicity induced by atmospheric pollution such as cigarette smoke, sulphur dioxide, and heavy metals. This product is composed of phenolic acids contained in ivy and sunflower extracts are associated to phytic acid from rice bran, and providing a global anti-pollution activity by maintaining a healthy skin.

Sulphur dioxide SO2 is a marker gas of atmospheric pollution (car exhaust, fuel heaters, coal combustion). In aqueous medium the gas is transformed into bi-sulphite and metabisulphite (acid rains). The urban D-pollution complex protects against cytotoxicity induced from sulphur dioxide.

The cell survival rate increases by 200 to 300%. Cadmium is a heavy metal emanating from industrial sites as smelting works, oil refineries. Furthermore, this metal is produced by incineration of wastes.

With urban D-pollution complex, the protection against cell mortality is almost total. In the presence of our active blend, the layer of fibroblasts is not modified. Cells remain alive and viable in all conditions including protection against cigarette smoke.

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