Natural UVA sunscreen

Souce: natural extract from sea algae.

A natural UVA-screening compound from sea algae to protect the skin against photo-aging. Unlike UVB, UVA is much less dependent on the time of the day or the season and penetrates clouds and glass.

UVA is the major cause of premature skin-aging manifested by deep wrinkles and loss of resilience. Thus, our skin needs permanent protection against UVA. Ingredients that are applied on a daily basis need to be absolutely safe.

Helioguard 365 is a natural, safe alternative to synthetic sun filters for the use in anti-aging products. Helioguard 365 consists of sun-screening compounds from the red alga Porphyra umbilicalis. They protect the skin efficiently against premature aging.

Ultraviolet light, the invisible part of sunlight.

Sunlight is composed of ultraviolet (UV), visible light and infrared. UV-light is harmful to all organisms. The energy-rich radiation damages organic molecules like proteins, lipids and DNA and leads to the formation of free radicals.
UV light can be separated into UVB and UVA.

The short wavelength of UVB is absorbed in the epidermis. UVB is responsible for sunburn and can cause skin cancer. UVA, with longer wavelengths penetrates deeper into the skin, causing damage to the dermis. UVA produces free radicals that lead to the breakdown of the proteins collagen and elastin, the most important structural components responsible for the firmness and resilience of the skin.

Unlike UVB, UVA is only partially absorbed by glass and clouds and is less dependent on the time of the day, the season and geography. But about 40% of the outdoor UVA radiation is still received indoors.

The red alga porphyra umbilicalis contains natural UVA filters. Algae that live on the seashores are very exposed to sunlight. Thus certain algae developed most effective UV-screening compounds. The red alga porphyra umbilicalis, also known as "red laver" or nori, grows on rocky shores. The Porphyra species are a rich source of proteins, vitamins and minerals and therefore commecialized as sea-vegetables.

Unfortunately, Porphyra umbilicalis contains only low concentrations of the UVA-absorbing substances porphyra-334 and shinorine that belong to the mycosporine-like amino acids (MAA). For the production of Helioguard 365 these MAAs are concentrated and incorporated into liposomes.

For both compounds, Porphyra and shinorine, the maximum of absorption is at 334 nm. The extinction coefficient of both is between 40'000 and 45'000. Therefore, these two MAAs have the same absorption capacities as commercial, synthetic UVA-filters.

- Helioguard 365 is a safe and efficient ingredient against premature skin-aging. - Helioguard 365 exerts a significant SPF-boosting activity

- Helioguard 365 shows clear protection against UV-induced DNA damage

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