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100% Natural powder to create unique hyaluronic acid masks. The powder has to be mixed with water in our mixlab mask blender and can be improved by adding 1 to 2 dose of hyaluronic mixlab serum. The texture of the mask is firm, refreshing and highly moisturising. A new generation of mask for the face that can be personalized for each skin and treatment. The mask contains low molecular weight hyaluronic acid and sorbitol which boost the skin hydration.

These masks can be applied safely after any medical or aesthetic procedures without risk of causing inflammation or allergy. Incredible masks, fresh and prepared on the go for each customer at extremely cost effective price.

What is different?
- Preservative-free.
- No synthetic thickener.
- Does not contain emulsifier, oil, silicone or alcohol. - Can be mixed to prepare personalised masks.
- Skin and environment friendly.
- 100% Renewable sourced ingredients.


- XS hyaluronic acid 1%

- Hydrate the skin.
- Reduce deep wrinkles and fine lines.
- Personalize masks.

Formulation of hyaluronic mix-mask is the most natural and skin friendly you can find on the market composed of specific natural gums, hyaluronic acid, sorbitol and potassium.
The gel formed is thermo reversible, which means that at high temperature the mask becomes fluid and it becomes a stronger gel as temperature decrease. If the mask is broken during application it can be melt again to remake a new mask.

Our formulation is presented as a free powder compare to compressed tablets that can be found as similar product. This allow us to avoid to incorporate in the product a blend of sodium bicarbonate and citric acid to produce the tablet disintegration.

Our mask is the perfect balance between elasticity and firmness.

Place in the mixlab blender the mixing tool without spring. Add 100 ml of water into the mask blender. Start the blender and add the content of the sachet at once. When the mixing process stop wait 30 seconds for the bubbles to rise and avoid incorporation of air into the mask.

As needed, once the mixing process is finished add mixlab serums, 1 up to 2 ml maximum and mix with the spatula. Then pour the gel into the mould. Place the mould into the fridge for approximatively 5 minutes. Then the mask is ready to be applied over the skin.

Don’t leave the mask for a prolonged time in the fridge, if the mask is too cold it loose elasticity and may break during application.

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