Hyaluronic VIT C

mixlab serum
75 ML / 2.53 FL.OZ.E

An active serum to boost collagen, protect against free radicals and photo-aging with 2% of XS hyaluronic acid and 5% of ET-vitamin C. Et-Vitamin C is a multi-functional vitamin C derivative with excellent whitening, anti-oxidation, free radical- scavenging and collagen boosting effect. Its stability is superior to other ascorbic acid derivatives. It exhibits strong inhibition effect on melanogenesis, reduces dark spots and age spots, fights photo-aging by interfering with inflammatory cytokines and reverse ROS production to achieve free radical scavenging purpose.

The serum can be mixed in any proportion with other mixlab serums to create a personalized formulation with additional benefits. It can also be added (2 doses) to the hyaluronic mixmask.


- XS hyaluronic acid 2%
- Et- Vitamine C 5%

- Skin ageing.
- Collagen booster.
- DNA protector.
- Skin lightening.
- Pigmentation.

Natural gel based on low molecular weight hyaluronic acid for a velvet and non sticky after-feel. The serum feels rich and nutritive despite it is oil-free. A perfect choice for the most skin friendly formulations.

Twice a day, apply one dose to clean skin. Once absorbed apply a cream. In the morning we recommend a SPF.

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