Retin oil peel

Professional peeling
70 ML / 3.38 FL.OZ.E

Keratolitic retinol peel to treat global ageing. Retinol up-regulates the processes of differentiation, proliferation and inter-cellular communication. When retinoids get into a cell, they make a bond with nuclear sensors. Thus, sections of the cell genome are activated or decelerated.

Retin-oil is not producing any skin damage, the recovery time is very short and there is a low probability of complications. The retinol is associated with salicylic acid for an intense exfoliation and keratolysis. The salicylic acid contributes to better epidermal structure, improves the skin texture and complexion. The use of it provides material improvement of the skin condition without additional rejuvenation procedures. The salicylic acid has a strong antiseptic effect and evident cleansing properties as well. It normalizes the sebaceous glands functioning and results in pores’ contraction.

At application there is no particular heating sensation as for other peels. The product looks like an oil that must be massaged and absorbed into the skin. Next day after application the skin will start to show signs of hypersensitivity and minimal redness. 2 to 3 days after application the skin will start to exfoliate for a period of up to 7 days.


- Retinol
- Salicylic acid
- Vitamin E

- Skin ageing.
- Photo-ageing
- Skin sagging and wrinkles.
- Intense exfoliation and keratolysis.
- Deep wrinkles.
- Rough skin.
- Open pores.
- Oily skin.


Professional use only.

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